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Лекции представителя посольства США

С 26 по 28 апреля в Курском государственном университете пройдут лекции представителя посольства США в РФ Антуанетт Халл.

Приглашаем учителей г. Курска и Курской области.

Лекция 26 апреля: English as an International Language:  A User's Guide

Лекция 27 апреля:  That's not what I said:  Causes and cures for communication breakdown

Erik Lundell's lectures

Erik Lundell is visiting Kursk in November 17-18 with lectures and workshop on the English language learning efficiency and increase of students’ motivation. 

Working with Access

We are currently working with Access groups in Kursk.

Preparation for USE

KurELTA in conjunction with Kursk State University has started preparation for USE (ЕГЭ) in English for the kids from families with many children as well as for those who can’t afford a private tutor.